Day 3 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

Day 3 of the Positivity Challenge has been really intensive as I can feel a lot of pain in my muscles. I have managed to keep my mind focused on positive images of the future. I have promised myself that I will reach day 30 without giving up.


I have managed to complete 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats, but the pain in the muscles was trying to stop me. I forced myself to complete the exercise routine. When it got really tough I closed my eyes and visualised the end result to motivate myself.

I can feel my arms getting stronger after doing 100 push ups for 3 days. Doing 100 sit ups has been a struggle as I am feeling pain around my neck area more than my lower stomach. I have a large amount of fat deposit around my neck and face, I feel that the sit ups are working on this too.

Many times I have felt like giving up, but I have managed to force myself to carry on. I know that I have made a promise to myself that I will do the full 30 days, and I will stick to this promise. The promise you make to yourself should never be broken, as you have made it to the most important person in your life.

Day 3

I have actually put on 0.2 kg, I’m not really surprised as I expected the ups and downs in weight. I know that I will see a reduction in weight after I have completed the 30 days.

My current weight is 86.8 kg and I would like to get below 80 kg by day 30. As long as I keep on following the exercise and diet routine, I will eventually reach this goal.

I have been following a healthy diet. I still have to spice up my meals a little as I find it tasteless without the spices. I have been experimenting and coming up with various meal alternatives to my traditional rice and curry.

I have managed to prepare Szechuan Chicken with steamed vegetables and rice. Tandoori Chicken with steamed vegetables and spiced beans.

I have replaced tea, coffee and mocha with herbal tea. Drinking hot beverages had become a habit, I am replacing it with a healthy alternative. This manages to supress the craving as the sipping action is still there.

I am replacing one of my meals with smaller portions. I have boiled 3 free range eggs for lunch, cutting out carbs and still providing my body with the energy it requires.

If you are following a healthy diet and exercise plan, you may notice that your weight will not go down daily. Some days it may increase a little or remain the same. Your body needs to get used to the meals that you are having and the exercises you are doing.

Sometimes your body will try and store the carbs as it may think that it is starving, after you reduce your meal portions. The muscles will also become bigger and add to your weight. Don’t worry if your weight goes up a little or stays static for a few days, eventually it will start to decrease.


I know that my mindset is getting stronger and it will drive me towards the success that I am looking for in my life. I am working on reducing stress in my life by allowing things that are beyond my control and taking action on the things that I can control.

I know that my weight is under my control and have decided to take action to reduce it. I have set a goal of getting slimmer, stronger and more flexible.

I have been meditating to clear my mind of life’s unwanted baggage and focus on the important thing in my life. Our minds are really powerful, but most of us don’t learn how to access this power. I have made it my mission to work with this power.

Most people look into the mirror after exercising for a day, they don’t see any change. They exercise the next day, they don’t see any change. This goes on for a few day and eventually they give up. If they continued to exercise and followed a healthy diet for over a month, they would see changes. If they continued for a year, they would definitely see a massive difference.

The instant gratification bug has infected the minds of most people. They want to see results immediately, in reality the results take time and effort. The most successful people in the world have a mindset that is focused on delayed gratification.

The carrying out of many small actions will lead to the accomplishment of large goals. I know that it will take me approximately 12 months to reach my ideal weight, I am working on building up the daily route that will get there by following the 30 day challenge. It is taking me out of the comfort-zone and strengthening my belief in my abilities.


I am still studying the wealth principles outlined in “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. The progress has been a little slow, as I am focusing on making changes in all areas of my life.

I feel less stressed about my finances now, as I know that the money will come to me. I know that I will be able to hold onto the money when it starts flowing towards me.

I will start working on building up a passive income stream using affiliate marketing. This will come after I have the wealth files in place. Currently I am working on building up a mindset that will enable me to build up wealth and reach financial freedom.

I am also working on building up this blog. There are a few more plugins that I will need to install to make it function better. I will be adding social sharing buttons and google analytics very soon.

Currently there are a lot of changes taking place in my life. I am working on making improvements in all areas of my life. It may take some time for the results to materialize into my reality, but they are being worked on at the subconscious level.

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