Day 22 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

It’s day 22 of the 30 day challenge, I am really optimistic about the future. I have started to notice changes in my behaviour towards others. My perspective on challenges faced in life has changed dramatically.


I have started to work out intensively to get back on target with my health and weight goals.

Day 22 of 30

I weighed 83 kg, I still need to lose over 3 kg within 7 days to reach my goal of getting to below 80 kg by day 30.

I have managed to complete my daily routine of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I have also included a few more cardio exercises to my daily routine.

I can feel the muscles around my stomach tightening up. It will take a while to show, but I can feel the difference.

I want to lose 3 kg’s in 7 days to reach 80 kg. This is going to be a little difficult as I have a party of guests coming around on Saturday. There is going to be many dishes prepared for Saturday, but I will have to watch my diet.

Saturday may have to be a cheat day, let’s wait and see how it unfolds.


I have been listening to motivational audio tracks whilst working out to keep me focused on my dream.

I have been listening to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale (35 mins).

This is a good audio to use in transforming your mindset to create success in your life. There are many personal development programs out there, some of them are good quality and some not that great. If you are persistent and focused on making improvements to your life, you will succeed.

I will continue blogging daily until this challenge finishes. I am currently on day 22, just another 8 days remaining. After that, I will start blogging updates, my thoughts and everything related to mind science.


I am working on creating wealth using the internet by working with the following opportunities, tools and services.

  1. Copy 4 Wealth
  2. WealthyAffiliate
  3. GetResponse

I have linked 2 website to the Cash Now Funnel: and , I goal is to earn over $100,000 within 12 months using this funnel.

You can take a 14 day trail for only $1 and test out the system in full.

I have 130 prospects in my Cash Now Funnel, only small number of them will upgrade. This is fine as I know this is human nature. The people that are serious about building a monthly passive income using the internet will see the potential offered my the Power Lead System.

I have 5 Gold Member upgrades, more people will upgrade as they see the income potential. The Power Lead System is one of the best list building programs on the internet.

I have made it on to the Power Lead System’s Most Customers Enrolled Leader Board. I am currently in 4th place on the board.

I have uploaded a Video on YouTube explaining the Power Lead System and also my goals with it and the progress that I have made within 6 days of getting started.

These leads are also going into my autoresponder at GetResponse. I have 318 subscribers on my Digital Wealth Builder list. My goals is to have over 10,000 subscribers on this list within 12 months.

Once you have a list of over 10,000 subscribers, you will be able to earn money on demand by sending offers to your list.

My goals is to establish a substantial monthly passive income using the internet to enable me to quit my current job within 12 months.

I know that there is no such thing as 100% passive income. I will have to continue maintaining the passive income source, but the work involved will be minimal.

The income will in fact be semi-passive, but I can live with that!

Establishing this semi-passive income source will take a lot of time and effort during the initial stage. Once it is up and running, it will become easier and will continue to grow with little work involved.

I am currently working as a security officer, my wages just about cover my living expenses. I also have to provide for my family.

My lost of living has increased rapidly, but my wages have remained static. If I did not do anything about this situation, I would face much struggle and stress in the very near future.

I made a decision to build up a passive income using the internet and also document my journey so that other can follow a similar path if the choose to do so.

I have seen many people promoting this laptop lifestyle, where you can work from any place in the world using the internet.

I have looked at various online income opportunities, but have decided to work with the Power Lead System for following reasons:

  1. I want to build a passive income that continues to grow.
  2. I want to build a list of my own.
  3. I want to follow a proven system.
  4. I want to work at my own pace.

The Cash Now Funnel has been created to enable anyone to build up their team in the Power Lead System.

Like any business, it takes time and effort. In my opinion it is easier to establish a passive income using this than through a bricks and mortar business.

You can easily duplicate the Cash Now Funnel and build it at your own pace. You can work on it without having to leave your current employment.

A traditional bricks and mortar business may cost you over $100,000 to establish.

You can take a 14 day trail for only $1 and test out the Cash Now Funnel in full.

I am currently using these three tools to build my online presence and income. The marketing system that I am promoting is the Cash Now Funnel, my blog is hosted on and created using WealthyAffiliate and I am using GetResponse as my autoresponder of choice.

If you are interested in creating your own blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing check out the resources below:

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

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