Day 20 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

It’s day 20 of the 30 day challenge, I am feeling much better physically. My body has fully recovered from the flu and I ready to get back on track again.


I am going to start pushing myself to reduce the weight and improve my overall physical health.

Day 20 of 30

I weighed 83.8 kg, I still need to lose around 4 kg within 9 days to reach my goal of getting to below 80 kg by day 30.

I have managed to complete my daily routine of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I am starting to push myself physically as I had been slacking for the past few days.

The weight has started to go back down again, but I still need to lose around 4 kg’s in just over a week. I will need to be really strict with my diet and put in a lot of effort during exercising.


I am trying to stay positive with all the things that are trying to distract and demotivate me. I will not let the physical events control my mental state.

I have been listening to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale (35 mins).

This is a good audio to use in transforming your mindset to create success in your life. There are many personal development programs out there, some of them are good quality and some not that great. If you are persistent and focused on making improvements to your life, you will succeed.

I have started to catch up with the blogging and focusing on getting my daily tasks prioritised. I will not allow myself to be paralysed by the external world events.

I am focusing on a positive vision of the future and working towards transforming it into my reality. Life is not meant to be about continuous struggle, it’s about learning from the struggles and moving on to a better place.

If we don’t learn the lessons from the hard times, the good times will never become our reality. The struggles in life are there to shape and mould us into tougher beings. We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves or take action to reap the glory around the corner.


I am working on creating wealth using the internet by working with the following opportunities, tools and services.

  1. Copy 4 Wealth
  2. WealthyAffiliate
  3. GetResponse

I have linked 2 website to the Cash Now Funnel: and , I goal is to earn over $100,000 within 12 months using this funnel.

You can take a 14 day trail for only $1 and test out the system in full.

The last couple of days have been a complete nightmare. All my domains had stopped working and I had lost a lot of leads as a result of my domains not functioning properly.

Some people’s greed had forced them to redirect my domain to their PLS funnel to profit from my leads. I paid for traffic to my site, but it was redirected to another members site.

I managed to get in contact with the company owner and explain to him what had happened. The fault was not my doing as some was profiting from my paid marketing.

I did not get any money back, but I will not let this distract me from my goal of creating a monthly passive income using the Cash Now Funnel.

I had spent the whole night trying to get my domains back to normal again. There was a lot of email and videos sent back and forth between myself and tech support.

Eventually I had managed to get it all sorted out with the help of my sponsor at Power Lead System. He also managed to get the company owner involved.

After communicating with the owner of Power Lead System I started to get back into a positive mindset. I have decided to go all in with this funnel and create a monthly passive income.

I am treating this bad experience like the falling over of a baby when they are learning to walk. I cannot let one bad experience keep me away from the potential earnings in the future with this system.

I lost a few leads, but it’s not a major loss. I can always generate more leads using Udimi and other marketing resources.

I am focused on building wealth using the internet. I have a system in place and the future is looking bright.

I have been trying to use TikTok to drive prospects to the funnel, but it has not been that effective. On social media people want to see proof before they start looking at any online income opportunity.

Currently I have 2 Gold Member upgrades from the leads. Once this reaches above 10 upgrades, more people will start to take notice.

I am working as though I already have over 100 Gold Member upgrades. I am focusing on what I can do with this marketing funnel, and not on my current results.

You cannot create a better future by focusing on the present, you need to focus on what you want in the future to make it your reality.

I am also posting updates on my YouTube channel, currently I have only 5 subscribers. I would appreciate it greatly if you could subscribe to my channel.

I will be posting other videos related to building wealth using the internet on this channel.

The posts on this blog have started to get picked up my Google. It may take a few months to see a steady flow of traffic to this blog from Google.

I am really optimistic about the future and ready to transform my dream into reality.

I am following a system that is easily duplicatable using the Cash Now Funnel at

I am currently using these three tools to build my online presence and income. The marketing system that I am promoting is the Cash Now Funnel, my blog is hosted on and created using WealthyAffiliate and I am using GetResponse as my autoresponder of choice.

If you are interested in creating your own blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing check out the resources below:

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

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