Day 2 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

I have just completed day 2 of my 30 days to positivity challenge. I can feel slight pain on the muscles that I have exercised, this does not surprise me as I have not exercised for many years. I have started eating healthy and my mindset is on the way towards creating a brighter future for myself and my family.


I have completed my routine of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. It seemed much harder than the previous day, as the muscles were a little sore. I feel much better after completing this daily exercise routine.

I cannot see much difference just by looking at my body, but I can feel the difference. I know it will take some time to show physically.

Day 2

The pictures taken on day 2 don’t look much different from day 1, but I can feel the exercise routine making changes to my body internally.

I have not really lost much weight since day 1, I weighed 86.6 kg and today I weigh 86.3 kg. This is a loss of only 0.3 kg, it’s not really significant, but it’s only been a day.

I think the weight may go up and down during the first 14 days. My goal is to get it below 80 kg by the end of day 30. It has taken years to pile on the belly fat, I cannot expect to see miracles in a few days.

This 30 day challenge will help me develop good habits that will eventually get me back to my ideal weight of 65 kg. This may take a whole year, I’m ready to enjoy the journey towards fitness and develop a positive outlook for the future.

I’m not actually following a specific diet, I am just cutting back on carbs and incorporating a daily exercise routine. I am not over working myself, as I would like to make this into a daily routine and eventually a long term habit.

If I can follow this routine for the initial 30 days, I know that I will be able to do it for the long term. There is a lot of will power involved in cutting out the snacking, drinking tea, coffee and fizzy drinks.

I have felt the craving for sugar, but managed to starve it off my drinking green tea. I sweetened the green tea with Manuka Honey.

I have decided to use Manuka Honey rather than normal honey, as it is a healthier option. It is quiet expensive, but I’m only using tiny amounts. Normal honey (the cheaper options) seem to be like a mixture of sugar and water. I have heard that the beekeepers feed the bees with a mixture of sugar and water to get them to produce the honey.

It don’t know how much truth is in this sugar and water mixture rumour.

From my research I have come to the conclusion that the best honey in the world is Yemeni Sidr Honey followed by Manuka Honey from New Zealand. There are also various quality levels associated with Manuka Honey.

My day 2 meal consisted of tandoori chicken (grilled), broccoli, beans, carrots, cucumber, chick peas with a small portion of rice. I have not cut out the carbs completely, as this is not a keto diet.


I used to be really self conscious about putting up images of myself on the internet, especially with the belly fat showing. I have overcome the limiting belief of conforming to actions based on what other people will think of me.

If the content that I am posting on my blog helps others, motivates them to take action and also keeps me motivated, I feel no resistance in posting this type of content.

Everyone is busy living there own lives, they have their own problems to deal with. The people who mock you are the ones that don’t really care about you. The opinions of these people should not stop you from doing what you want to do.

There will also be many people who will encourage you, this initial encouragement can act as fuel to drive you towards achieving your goals.

In my opinion, successful people will not judge you. The truly successful individuals will support and encourage you if they can spare the time, as their schedules are really busy. The people who will try and mock you don’t really have much going on in their lives and get an instant dose of superiority rush by trying to belittle you.

I would suggest that you get on with your own life and not bother with these shady individuals. Usually they are distant from you as they have been cut out of your social circle.

Work on yourself and if you can find the time help others towards their goals. I have come to realise that if anyone puts 100% effort into achieving a goal, they will achieve it. There should not be any doubt in the mind that the goal can be achieved.

I have also been working on eliminating defective beliefs that are stored in my subconscious mind. I am trying to work out what they are from my meditations sessions.

I have meditated for approximately 1 hour with the dime glow of the Himalayan Salt Lamp illuminating the living room and the fragrance of frankincense rising from the incense burner.

The atmosphere inside the living room was like that of a sacred place and it sent me into a trance like state. I had visions from the past flow into my mind and I started working on them mentally and emotionally to release the trapped negative energy that was causing the vibrational blockages.


I have continued studying the wealth principles outlined in “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. I have completed part one of the book that explains why some people are wealthy and others are poor.

It is all rooted in the “Money Blueprint” that is stored in our subconscious mind. This Money Blueprint is a program that fires up automatically when we are dealing with or thinking about money. It determines the level of wealth that we will experience in your life.

This Money Blueprint has been programmed into our subconscious mind from our childhood. If you are living a life of struggle with money, you need to work on replacing your Money Blueprint.

The first part of the book explains how this subconscious “Money Blueprint” is created and how it affects our life.

The second part of the book introduces “17 Wealth Files” that we can use to reprogram our Money Blueprint to create wealth and financial freedom.

I am going to start working through these 17 Wealth Files and implementing them into my life. I will be working towards replacing my current “Money Blueprint” with one that will enable me to reach financial freedom.

I have just got a message that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away. Her face was the most recognizable in the UK, as it was printed on all UK currencies.

The UK is going through a lot of reforms as there is also a new Prime Minister (Liz Truss) along with new cabinet ministers.

I know that there are testing times ahead and we all need to prepare for the future.

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