Day 19 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

It’s day 19 of the 30 day challenge, I have recovered from the episode of flu that had pulled me of track.


I am taking it a little easy, to get back into the flow of my daily routine.

Day 19 of 30

I weighed 85.4 kg, I still need to lose over 5 kg within 10 days to reach my goal of getting to below 80 kg by day 30.

I have managed to complete my daily routine of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I was struggling with the exercises, but managed to force myself to complete them.

I can see and feel that I have put on a couple of extra kg’s, this was expected. I am ready to start working on getting back on track again.


I am working on getting focused again and getting into the state of mind that I was in just before the flu kicked in.

I have been listening to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale (35 mins).

This is a good audio to use in transforming your mindset to create success in your life. There are many personal development programs out there, some of them are good quality and some not that great. If you are persistent and focused on making improvements to your life, you will succeed.

I have fallen 2 days behind with the blogging, as I had started to lose focus on my goals. I had to start visualizing my dreams and the lifestyle that I want to create.

There is something that is trying to stop me from making progress. I cannot quiet figure out what it is. I seem to be feeling really lazy and demotivated. The comfort-zone is trying to draw me back to the lifestyle it had got used to.

I am not going to let this laziness bug stop me from creating a better future for myself.


I am working on creating wealth using the internet by working with the following opportunities, tools and services.

  1. Copy 4 Wealth
  2. WealthyAffiliate
  3. GetResponse

I have linked 2 website to the Cash Now Funnel: and , I goal is to earn over $100,000 within 12 months using this funnel.

You can take a 14 day trail for only $1 and test out the system in full.

You can follow my progress with this funnel on my YouTube Channel.

I am still using Udimi to buy sols ads to send clicks to my funnel. The lead generation is progressing slowly. I have believe that I will reach 10,000 subscribers within 12 months.

My initial goal is to get to 1,000 subscribers to boost my faith in this system. I will continue using paid marketing to reach my goal of getting to 1,000 subscribers. Once I have reached 1,000 subscribers, I will look at other ways of generating leads.

I know that I am not going to earn a significant amount of money from my funnel within the first 6 months. This time will be used to build up my list and I will also educated myself more on list building and internet marketing.

I have been putting in a lot of time to lay down the foundations for this funnel. I am working on writing the autoresponder messages.

The leads are going into the Cash Now Funnel and also into my own autoresponder. I am also building my own email list, whilst marketing this funnel.

I am looking at seeing results after the first 6 months of marketing the funnel. It is coming up to October 2022. I should start to see money coming in from my marketing efforts by April 2023.

There are a lot of things going on in my life currently, I have to create a balance to find the time to pursue my dreams.

The most important thing to fix is my mindset, as it it will enable me to stay focused on my health goals and enable me to also create wealth.

There are many people around the world earning over $10,000 monthly using the internet. I started to build a business by selling on eBay and Etsy, but this took over my time. I was generating a lot of sales but the order fulfilment process took sucked away my free time.

The profit margin on the products that I was selling was not that good. I was earning from £2 to £5 profit on each order. If we average this out, I was making approximately £3.50 on every order.

For me to earn £3,500 monthly, I would need 1,000 orders. As I was also keeping stock, the whole house was littered with products from China and packaging material.

I knew that this was not the solution that I was looking for. It was driving me from a trading time for money job to another job that still took away my time, even though I was working for myself.

I looked at drop shipping and Amazon FBA, but I decided to go with a business that markets digital products and services.

The profits (commissions) on digital products and services are much higher than physical products. I don’t have to create the products and services myself, I am just marketing them and earning a commission on every sale that is generated.

This is a much better solution for me and it will also enable me to build up a monthly passive income. I know it will take a lot of effort in marketing. I have given myself 12 months to go all out on this dream of establishing a monthly passive income.

Marketing digital products and services as an affiliate can be really lucrative. It is not easy, but if you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards will follow.

I am following a system that is easily duplicatable using the Cash Now Funnel at

I am currently using these three tools to build my online presence and income. The marketing system that I am promoting is the Cash Now Funnel, my blog is hosted on and created using WealthyAffiliate and I am using GetResponse as my autoresponder of choice.

If you are interested in creating your own blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing check out the resources below:

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

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