Day 17 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

It’s day 17 of the 30 day challenge, I have recovered from the flu. It is becoming easier to breathe as the stuffiness inside the nose has decreased significantly.


I woke up ready to get started on my health goals again. The flu had been a set back, but it has now passed like all difficulties in life.

Day 17 of 30

I weighed 84.5 kg, I still need to lose around 5 kg within 12 days to reach my goal of getting to below 80 kg by day 30.

I have managed to complete my daily routine of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I found it easier to breathe during the exercises as the stuffiness inside the nose has started to clear up rapidly.

I have not taken any medication and the headaches have gone completely. I am feeling much better than yesterday.

I will need to start exercising vigorously to shed of 4.5 kg’s in 12 days. The sweat has got to hit the floor to enable me to shed the kilos.

I have to complete what I started and stay focused on my health goals along with my other goals. To become completely aligned with life, we need to create a balance in all there areas, being health, mindset and wealth.

A lack in any of these areas will create an imbalance in our lives and cause stress and struggle. I am working on all there to create harmony and happiness in my life.


I have continued watching motivational and inspirational videos to keep me focused on my goals. I have a strong belief that my life is about to turn around. I have been visualizing my ideal lifestyle and taking the actions that I am inspired to do so, to make it my reality.

I have been listening to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale (35 mins).

This is a good audio to use in transforming your mindset to create success in your life. There are many personal development programs out there, some of them are good quality and some not that great. If you are persistent and focused on making improvements to your life, you will succeed.

Sometimes we are drawn back to our old habits and ways of thinking. If we stay focused on our goals, we will noticed these distractions and be able to deal with these negative thoughts.

I feel really peaceful and in tune with the work that I am doing daily. The creativity inside me has found a channel to use for its expression and development.

Every person need to pave their own road to success. We will all be travelling at various speeds and our destinations will differ.


I am working on creating wealth using the internet by working with the following opportunities, tools and services.

  1. Copy 4 Wealth
  2. WealthyAffiliate
  3. GetResponse

I have linked 2 website to the Cash Now Funnel: and , I goal is to earn over $100,000 within 12 months using this funnel.

You can take a 14 day trail for only $1 and test out the system in full.

I have earned my first commission using the Cash Now Funnel:

I have been sending traffic to this funnel by purchasing solo ads on Udimi. This has helped me to generate my first commission and also created a monthly passive income.

It is hard to generate leads when you are brand new to digital marketing. You can easily build or copy a funnel, but you will never earn any money without sending traffic to it.

Usually it’s not the funnel or lead capture page that fails, it’s the amount and quality of traffic sent to the funnel or capture page that determines your success or failure.

If you don’t know much about generating leads, it is worth using Udimi to purchase solo ads to drive traffic to your funnel.

I have decided to purchase traffic from sellers at Udimi, as I don’t have much time actively market the funnel. I will invest money into generating leads to kick start my online business and commission earnings.

I have set a goal of generating 10,000 leads within 12 months. I know that I will be able to generate over $100,000 from 10,000 leads. The initial leads will come from solo ads, once I have a established a substantial passive income from this funnel, I will look at quitting my current job and putting more time into this.

Earning $100,000 within 12 months will enable me to fund myself whilst I continue my studies into personal development, psychology and mind science.

I have made a decision to take care of the money element at the beginning of my journey. I don’t want to struggle with money issues once I start working on my dream on a full-time basis.

I have decided to devote 12 months to marketing the Cash Now Funnel at and earn over $100,000 in commissions using it and also build up a monthly passive income that you continue funding me in the future.

The important thing is to stick with this funnel for 12 months and focus on it fully. Once the target income has been established, I will be in a position to explore other opportunities.

If anyone would like to work with me on this for a minimum of 12 months and are willing to focus on it fully, get started at and I will support you fully.

Watch the videos inside the system thoroughly to learn how it all works. Learn how recruiting just 36 members can get you to earning over $100,000.

Set a goal of earning over $100,000 within 12 months and start promoting the funnel like crazy. Some of you may be really good at social media marketing or may have 1,000’s of followers on sites like TiKTok and Instagram.

You may have a big following on YouTube that you can utilize. I am currently building up my following on YouTube. Everyone has different talents that they can use to drive traffic to their funnel.

If you have the dream, you will find a way to transform it into your reality. You need to take action when you are inspired to do so.

I am currently using these three tools to build my online presence and income. The marketing system that I am promoting is the Cash Now Funnel, my blog is hosted on and created using WealthyAffiliate and I am using GetResponse as my autoresponder of choice.

If you are interested in creating your own blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing check out the resources below:

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

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