Day 15 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

It’s day 15 of the 30 day challenge, I am still recovering from the flu. The headaches have started to calm down a little now.


My runny nose is starting to dry up, but my nose is still blocked. It is hard to breath through the nose, I have to breath through my mouth. Breathing through the mouth has left my throat dry.

Day 15 of 30

I weighed 84.3 kg, I still need to lose over 4 kg within 14 days to reach my goal of getting to below 80 kg by day 30.

I struggled to complete my daily routine of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I have been spending a lot of time setting up my internet marketing business to enable me to fund this journey.

I have been eating healthy, but I am finding it really hard to find the time to exercise, as there are a lot of this on my mind.

I’ve had sardines with salad for lunch, as I did not have much time to prepare anything. Still it’s a healthy alternative to curry and rice.


I have been watching videos related to internet marketing on YouTube. I am working on setting up my internet marketing business.

I have been listening to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale (35 mins).

This is a good audio to use in transforming your mindset to create success in your life. There are many personal development programs out there, some of them are good quality and some not that great. If you are persistent and focused on making improvements to your life, you will succeed.

I am working on creating a wealthy mindset to enable me to accumulate enough money to fund the lifestyle and dream that I have been visualizing.


I am working on creating wealth using the internet by working with the following opportunities, tools and services.

  1. Copy 4 Wealth
  2. WealthyAffiliate
  3. GetResponse

I have linked 2 website to the Cash Now Funnel: and , I goal is to earn over $100,000 within 12 months using this funnel.

You can take a 14 day trail for only $1 and test out the system in full.

Once I have established a substantial monthly passive income stream, I would like to separate the internet based wealth building strategies into another blog.

I have already set up a separate blog for this at, I will start posting on it very soon.

I have a few ideas of how I am going to monetize the Cash Now Funnel system. I have also started posting videos on a YouTube Channel dedicated to this. I would appreciate it greatly, if you could subscribe to it.

I have posted a video related to the Cash Now Funnel on this channel.

I will continue posting updates on my internet marketing journey on this channel until I have managed to build up a substantial steam of passive income.

I have also ordered my son some equipment to enable him to start his own YouTube channel.

Here is a list of some of the equipment that I have ordered him:

Sony ZV1 Vlogging Camera
2 Extra Batteries For Sony ZV-1 Camera

The Sony ZV-1 camera offers 4K video capture and is ideal for starting out as a vlogger. It is not mirrorless and does not have interchangeable lenses. It is not really high-end but is suitable for the purpose of getting started.

I have also ordered a couple of spare batteries, as the Sony cameras don’t really have a long battery time. I also ordered a 10″ light ring for vlogging and also a couple of phone holders for the car (drive time vlogging).

He already has his own MacBook Pro and also an iPhone. The basic vlogging set up is complete, it’s now all down to his creativity and video editing skills.

I am working on build up my online passive income stream using the Cash Now Funnel. I have set up the funnel and am in the process of driving traffic to it.

A funnel or lead capture page is useless with any traffic to it. If you have a good lead capture page and send target traffic to it, some of them will opt-in.

One they opt-in, it’s up to your email messages and videos to do the work of converting leads into sales and earn you commissions.

All the follow-ups and videos explaining the system are ready, it’s all about generating leads now. If I manage to generate 10,000 leads, I know that I will be able to generate 100 to 200 sales.

If I can generate 100 to 200 sales, the leverage built into this funnel will enable me to earn over $100,000 in commissions.

If I take consistent action, I will be able to generate 10,000 leads within 12 months. I will have to use paid lead sources to generate that many leads. There will be some free leads for social media, blog posts, YouTube videos, but the majority will come from paid lead sources.

Let’s see how long it takes to generate the first 100 leads. If you also have a dream of creating a passive income stream using the internet, you can join me at:

I believe that 12 months of focused work can transform my life. I have made a decision to get out of the living nightmare that I have trapped myself into. I know that I can break free and create the lifestyle of my dreams.

You if are not will to take action, your dream will always stay a dream and never become your reality. Action and persistence, give life to dreams and transform them into reality.

I have fallen a day behind in writing these blog posts, as I have started to separate the online wealth building activities into another blog.

I am currently using these three tools to build my online presence and income. The marketing system that I am promoting is the Cash Now Funnel, my blog is hosted on and created using WealthyAffiliate and I am using GetResponse as my autoresponder of choice.

If you are interested in creating your own blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing check out the resources below:

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

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