Day 1 of 30 Days To Positivity Challenge

I have started on my 30 days of positivity challenge. This is day 1, the journey has started. It has been a really intense day, as I have many stubborn barriers to break through.


I have cut down on caffeine and fizzy drinks. I have been drinking plain water, herbal tea and green tea. I know there is caffeine in green tea, but it is in a low quantity.

I used to drink many cups of coffee and mocha previously, drinking these unhealthy beverages had become habitual and it’s time to eliminate them from my daily routine.

I have managed to complete my 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. I had found it hard to do 100 push ups in one go. I had to break it down into sets, I had to do the same with the sit ups and squats. I broke them down in to reps of 33, 33 and 34 to finish with 100 in total.

In my prime, I could easily do 100 push ups and 500 to 600 sit ups in one go. I did not do any squats, but I used to do horse stance in martial arts to work and strengthen my leg muscles.

I feel really good after the mini work out and will continue with this routine daily. I have stepped on to the scales after a long time and was shocked at the digits it displayed.

I currently weigh 86.6 kg, I am approximately 21 kg over my ideal weight of 65 kg. Let’s see how much I can lose within 30 days. I would like to weigh under 80 kg after 30 days.

I have taken some pictures of myself to track the progress.

Day 1

I want to lose weight from my stomach area (belly fat) and also from the chest and face. It will take time, but I have made a start.

I did not know how much I weighed before getting on the scales today. My height is only 5′ 7” (1.7 m), the weight of 86.6 kg does not go well with being 1.7m in height.

I have also switched to a healthier diet and reduced the carbs and sugary foods.

I had a plate of sardines, broccoli, cucumber, beans and carrots for lunch. This is much less than the number of different curries and plates of rice that I used to have before.

The surprising thing is that I did not feel hungry later on. The over eating was more of a habit than actual hunger.

I will continue eating healthier meals. I will reduce the carbs, I am not going to eliminate rice out of my diet completely, but I will reduce the portion size.

We have a saying that “fish and rice make a Bengali”, thus the fish and rice will still be part of my diet. I will cut down on the rice to lower the carb intake.

I had always been surrounded by food whilst working in the restaurant trade. At that time I was younger and managed to burn off the excess calories, it’s a little different now. I need to restrict my calories and carbs to burn off the excess body fat and get back into shape.

I am working on my self-image to visualize myself as a healthy and fit person. I need to get rid of the image of myself that is currently stored within my subconscious mind.

I had been reading a lot of theory, now it’s time to put it all into practice and test it out for myself. Stay tuned to this blog to see the results.


I am working on developing the mindset that will enable me to become the person that I want to be and also to live the lifestyle that I desire.

I need to work on my mindset before I can see the results in the real world. The work has to be carried out to transform my self-image and replace the programs stored in my subconscious mind that are not delivering the results that I want.

I had been really lazy and let life just happen to me. I have made a decision to take control of my life and guide it in the direction that I want, enabling me to accomplish the goals that I will set and live the lifestyle I chose.

We all say that we want to live a better lifestyle and achieve greater results and accomplish greater things. Some of us will remain wishers and others will become the action takers.

I have been stuck in the wishers group for too long, I need to step up the game and take control of my life. My mindset is gradually shifting towards enabling me to become the person that I once was.

Some bad decision and lack of decisions have led me towards this current reality that I am experiencing. If I have got myself into this mess, I can get myself out of it. I have accepted the fact that I am responsible for the lifestyle that I am currently living. I cannot blame others for the reality that I am experiencing, I need to take action to make my life into what I truly desire.

I got myself a Himalayan Salt Lamp to use during my meditation session, as it was a little dark in the living room with the lights off. I don’t really know the therapeutic benefits of it, but it will provide a warm comforting dim light during my meditation session.

I have been meditating for approximately 1 hour. Many thoughts from the past have come into my mind. I have cried as some of the thoughts triggered of negative emotions as the memories started to flood in. I held onto the emotions and viewed the situations from different perspectives and moved up the emotional scale to release the pain associated with these memories.

I am working on eliminating the emotional baggage associated with these past memories. If the incident is of no value towards me moving on in my life, I am going to leave it behind in the past by dealing with the emotions.

We all have emotional pain stored within our body. This pain has been carried over for many years into the present, until you deal with it, it will continue to cause problems in your life.

My life has been a like roller coaster ride. I have been concentrating on the destination, without enjoying the journey. I should have enjoyed the ride, as there are many ups and downs in life.


I am currently working on building up this blog, the money will eventually flow in after I have addressed my mindset and developed my skills as a blogger. I will need to provide value to a large number of people before I start to see the money flowing in.

I know that you cannot get something for nothing. I am willing to put in the work and develop my skills and provide value to others via this blog and other social media channels.

There are many things that need to be fixed on this blog. It is currently in a skeletal form, but sufficient to express my thoughts and start documenting my journey. I will start working on build it up and giving it some flesh and eventually bring it to life.

I am also creating some content on Social Media platforms. I will provide the links as my journey and this blog progresses.

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