30 Days To Positivity Challenge

The last couple of years have really impacted my mental and physical health in a bad way. I have made a decision to take a 30 day challenge to get back on the road towards positivity.

I need to prepare physically and mentally for the future, as things are about to get really tough. My life has had many ups and downs, but the pandemic has left me broken. I have not fully recovered from the effects and changes to my mindset.

I have been living the nightmare without really forcing myself to wake up and focus on my dreams. I have had enough and made a decision to take positive action.


I have let my health deteriorate significantly during the last 6 years, especial during the pandemic period. I have been working as a security officer for the last 6 years. The work involves working 12 hour night shifts, leaving me little time to exercise or follow a healthy diet.

I work 7 nights in a row and get 3 nights off, then work another 7 nights and get 4 nights off. This is know as the 7, 3, 7, 4 shift pattern. Working this shift pattern plays havoc with the mind and body. There is little time to do anything outside of work and the long hours kill off any ambition of making progress in life.

I have put on weight and also feel weaker than before. I had plans of getting out of this job, but the pandemic had other plans. The current global financial situation is not looking too healthy, but I cannot let this affect my plans of making changes to my life.

I have decided to follow an exercise plan that require me to do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats daily. I will do this for 30 days and also incorporate other cardio routines as I make progress.

I am also going to eat healthier meals and cut down on carbs. I had been having a lot of sugar based desserts, tea, coffee and fizzy drinks, which have impacted my health adversely. I have decided to eliminate sugar, tea, coffee, snacks, sweets and fizzy drinks from my diet.

I will just drink filtered water and herbal tea to replace my previous drinking habits. Thankfully, I had quit smoking back in 2013. I was a heavy smoker, but I decide to quit and just forced myself to stop. I did not bother to use nicotine patches or a plan that involved reducing the number of cigarettes I smoked.

I know that I have the will power to do anything, after quitting smoking by going cold turkey. I visualised myself as a non-smoker and transformed my self-image and made it my reality.


I am working on my mindset by reading books on personal development and mindset transformation. I made a decision to mediate for 4 hours continuously. I sat on a exercise mat in my living room with the blinds slightly open to let in some light from the street lamp outside. I closed my eyes and started to watch my thoughts flow in and out of my mind.

Many thoughts for my past had come into my mind and as they started to fire up emotions, I let go of them and moved onto other thoughts. I though that the 4 hours were up, I had set a timer, but it did not go off. I looked at the time and noticed that just over 2 hours had elapsed.

It is not easy to sit in a meditative posture for over 2 hours, I was sitting on an exercise mat as the wood flooring was really hard, I also leaned my back onto the sofa for support as I had not mediated for many years.

I will cut the meditation down to 1 hour, as the mind starts to play havoc after this time period. If you are considering getting started with mediation, I would suggest that you start with 20 minute sessions. These short sessions can feel rather lengthy, if you have not meditated previously.

I am also working on keeping a positive outlook in life. I need to focus on my life and ignore distractions and only give attention to people who deserve it.


I am currently earning just about enough to maintain my monthly expenses. I will need to create semi-passive income sources to enable me to quit my 12 hour night shifts.

I have started reading books recommend by entrepreneurs to transform my financial blueprint. I know that wealth is an inner game, the mental aspect needs to be fixed first.

Large amounts of money have flowed through my hands. If my mindset was focused towards creating wealth, I would have reached financial freedom by now.

I felt some sort of anger towards the money and it had to leave my hands as soon as it come. I had something against money and did not want to keep it. I now know, this anger towards money is rooted in my childhood.

I will be working on fixing these issues as I do not want this legacy to be experienced by my children. I will fix the money issues and create the lifestyle that I desire now.

There is no virtue in living a lifestyle of poverty. I know that I have a roof over my head and food on the table, but more money will enable me to experience more beautiful things in life.

Having more money will enable me to contribute more to help others and enjoy the joy that comes from giving.

I am looking to create semi-passive income sources using the internet in the form of earning commissions from advertising and affiliate programs.

This blog will generate advertising revenue in the future, once it becomes popular. I am also working on a YouTube channel, but it will take time to get it monetized.

The initial income stream is going to be from affiliate marketing from links placed on this blog directing visitors to useful resources, products and services.

I am also building up an email list of subscribers, who I will be able to contact with offers on valuable resources, products and services.

Blogging The Journey

I will blog my 30 day journey on this site. Day 1 will be coming very soon. I will take pictures of myself daily and update you on the progress. I have set a goal of getting on track to become fit by the end of the 30 days.

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